Health and Physical Education

Phy Ed 9
Health 10
Physical Activities
Weights & Fitness

149 Phy Ed 9
Grade 9
Required 1/2 credit

The class will emphasize sports skills, strategies, etiquette, and rules. Fitness activities will also be included.

150 Health 10
Grade 10
Required 1/2 credit

This course helps students make lifestyle choices using critical evaluation, using the decision-making model of personal situation they will be likely to encounter. Students will learn how to handle themselves and to abstain from any dangerous activities. Disease prevention and health promotion are emphasized in areas of mental health, sexuality, dietary practices, substance abuse, first aid and safety. Students will also study the five body systems and study one of the five in-depth and be responsible for presenting material to the class. Through active participation, students will learn by being put in real life situations through role-playing, and activities.

148 Physical Activities
Grades 10-12
Elective 1/2 credit

This class is designed to teach students the importance of physical activity, and how to maintain fitness as they age. The focus of this class is to introduce multiple activities that students can be involved in after high school and even into late adulthood. Students will review the rules and basic skills of each sport before competition starts. Students will also be expected to peer teach an activity to the rest of the class.

69 Weights & Fitness
Grades 10-12
Elective 1/2 credit

This class will focus on the overall development of physical fitness through weight training, cardiovascular training, flexibility exercises, and agility training. Students will develop their own personal fitness plan and track their progress through a series of fitness tests done at regular intervals throughout the semester. Students will learn how to set up a proper fitness program including warm-up routines, a variety of workouts, and cool-down exercises. Instruction will be given in regards to proper form, technique, frequency, and intensity of exercises.

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